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The O-Easts and Mr. Saturday Night

Dave O and his spouse Michelle East are dear friends and I’m thrilled to introduce them to you in Ep. 4/ Season 2. David is a composer and music director and Michelle is a certified Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in animal therapy involving horses. They have two wonderful kids and I can’t think of any family I know who’s done more marching in the past two years. Here’s their story.

Th Lounge is pleased to announce that Mr. Saturday Night starring Billy Crystal is open on Broadway in which Dave is the Music Director, and that Michelle has just been accepted into the Pasadena Rose Bowl Riders. Archer continues his cinema studies at LA County High School for the Arts, and Caleb graduates from the Berklee College of music this spring. The O-Easts are proof positive that you can’t stop the beat.

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