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And that’s our Lounge Folks. Feel free to change back into your normal footwear and return to your busy, productive lifestyle, but I do hope you’ll take a little sliver of this Lounge with you as you go. I’m Keythe Farley and we’ll be back to share more songs, stories, movies, and recipes all intuitively designed to help you

To Learn. To Love. To Lounge.




Lounging  is the big thing, ask us anything?

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Live From the Lounge is a live weekly variety show podcast that features music, radio theatre sketches, recipes, movie recommendations, and musings on things that matter with special guests from science, entertainment, philosophy, and politics. 


Through thoughtful commentary, thrilling and hysterical radio theatre, delightful music, and well-curated recipes and media recommendations, Live From the Lounge seeks to invite the listener to notice and engage with the year as it unfolds. 


Live From the Lounge is also a community. Each episode invites listeners to try a recipe or to watch a classic film. Some time in each show will be set aside to hear from listeners as they relate their experiences making the dish or share their thoughts about the movie. In the future, when we’re able to gather in person, the recipe and film would be an off-the-air part of the Live From the Lounge experience. 

Come join in on the fun. We need your help to keep going and to reach as many folks as we can.

We would love to connect your business with our entertainment here at the Lounge. 


Keythe & Ann Closs - Farley 

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